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Innovation builds on experience and tradition. The Romans had already recognised the excellent suitability of the Weinviertel for viticulture and planted out high-quality vines. Stefan Pratsch stands on the shoulders of many generations when he produces wines of world renown today.

With the knowledge of the young generation about responsibility for nature, the striving for sustainability and the untiring inner urge to produce high-quality products that inspire, Stefan Pratsch stands for wines with the character of the region.

Weinbauer bei der Arbeit - Stefan Pratsch
Wein Freude Leben Stefan Pratsch

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The soil in which the vines are rooted, the sun, the wind and the weather shape the grapes that will later become wine. In the cellar the potential is raised and the wine is skilfully guided to the finished product.

Grüner Veltliner is the parade variety – with spiciness and profundity, but also with fresh pepperiness and the cheerful ambition to give pleasure. The Sauvignon Blanc has Burgundy class and also the red wines do not have to fear the comparison with big names.

You can enjoy Stefan Pratsch’s fantastic Rosé not only in the chic bars of Vienna, but also in the hip locations between New York and Santa Monica. Also “Natural Wines”, which are produced with the least possible intervention during vinification, are in the assortment – and one can be curious to see which experiments Stefan Pratsch still indulges in here.


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