Pruning the vineyards

During the coldest part of the year, it´s usually January while the vines are “hibernating”, we will carry out the pruning. Fortunately, technology has evolved which has made things much easier: With electric cutters we can select and prune the vines according to our needs. Important issue here is to reduce to the amount of buds on the vine, that is where the new shoots will come out in spring. The old vine represents the middle, from which two canes are tied: One on the left and one on the right. The old remaining shoots are taken away from the trellising wires and piled up in the middle of the row, where they will be mulched. Usually the work has to be carried out in harsh conditions (cold, wind, fog, …) but it´s a good time for contemplation and thinking about life.

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The canes that are left after pruning have to be tied to the main wire in the trellising system. One cane on the left and one on the right. This allows the young shoots to go vertically towards the sky without getting tangled in each other. At the same time the vine gets tied to

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