Reception of the grapes, winemaking, blending

Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are gravity fed into the destemer which separates the berries from the stem. In our modern pneumatic press, the berries are pressed very gently, so as not to extract too much of their bitter skins. We don´t press to the very last, so that the polyphenols that are located in the berry skins don’t go into the juice. The finished juice is then pumped into the tanks, where it might receive a certain yeast to initiate the fermentation. The time around harvest is very intense for all growers. We spend the majority of our day in the cellar.
Our daily routine is quality control, the right hand at the right time, the right dose of yeast or fining: A cool head in sometimes very hectic surroundings is extremely important here. Due to very little time and the main food available being grapes, that are available abundantly at this time, I usually lose a good amount of weight during this time, which is compensated in the following time around Christmas 😉.

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Over the course of summer, the vines are sprayed on a regular schedule every nine days. So, starting in April, this will result in 8-10 rounds. Depending on the type of season, we will use different types of sprays, like e.g. baking soda, various herbal teas, sulfur, etc. We invested in an expensive full canopy

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Cleaning the stems and 1st yield reduction

The new shoots of a vine will now not only grow on the designated canes, but also on parts of the vine that will cause the vine to use too much energy. These as well as weeds need to be taken away either by hand or mechanically. Shoots can also emerge from higher up on

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Cultivating cover crops and treatments in the vineyards

Activities during the months of March and April are important to support the nutrients in our soils: This is the perfect time to sow various types of cover crops into the rows of our vineyards, which is an ideal growing ground for bees and other insects. According to our organic management we use water glass,

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