Over the course of summer, the vines are sprayed on a regular schedule every nine days. So, starting in April, this will result in 8-10 rounds. Depending on the type of season, we will use different types of sprays, like e.g. baking soda, various herbal teas, sulfur, etc. We invested in an expensive full canopy spray which enables us to spray the canopy from both sides, thus reducing the amount of time spent in half, therefore also reducing the amount of diesel in half.

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Update: Conversion part2

While nature is sprouting, there is also the next highlight in the Milchhausstraße: The new windows have been delivered! An important step in the direction of modern tasting zone, we are very pleased.

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Canopy management

As soon as the shoots are high enough, they have to be “woven” into the trellising system. This wire construction is essential for the shoots to grow vertically and then finally result in a lush green canopy. This canopy is the guarantee for ideal photosynthesis as well as shading the grapes from the aggressive sun.

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Cleaning the stems and 1st yield reduction

The new shoots of a vine will now not only grow on the designated canes, but also on parts of the vine that will cause the vine to use too much energy. These as well as weeds need to be taken away either by hand or mechanically. Shoots can also emerge from higher up on

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