Traminer Erdverbunden 2017

Earth, wind and sun let the organic grapes for this wine develop to perfection. After careful harvesting, we carefully rubbed them and fermented them spontaneously on the mash. After about 8 weeks the wine was pressed and stored in 500 liter acacia barrels. The yeast was regularly suspended by hand over a period of 18 months to maintain the stability of the wine even without the addition of sulfur. Only when bottling, we added a diminishing amount of sulfur for protection. By bottling with our own yeast, the wine remains more stable, longer lasting and more expressive over the years. The ideal drinking temperature of the Traminer Erdbunden is 9°C. For an incomparable drinking pleasure, briefly swivel the bottle to bring the yeast into suspension. We then recommend decanting the wine and allowing it time to fully develop its many aromas.
vinification: natural wine
soil: Loess, clay
alcohol content: 12,5% vol.
acidity: 7,2
residual sugar: 3
maturity potential: 2029
bottle content: 0,75l
perfect drinking temperature: 7-9°
PRICE 33,50 €
Weingut Pratsch wine by S. Pratsch Naturwein

drinking it yourself is a pleasure

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